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Welcome to Papillon & Partners

Specialists in Leadership and Career/Life Transitions

Papillon & Partners is a Leadership Coaching and Consulting Company specialized in transforming individuals, teams, and organizations. Future-proof your business through better leadership, teamwork and personal development in a 21st-century global context.

At Papillon & Partners, our focus is to help you develop clarity of vision and purpose, and implement better strategies, actions and behaviors that drive sustainable results. We also aim to bring a more healthy, high-performing teams, and great morale within organizations.

We deliver Coaching programs, Leadership Development programs, Cultural Diversity programs, and Organizational Values programs.

We provide our clients with the customized solutions they need to realize their potential, and maximize their performance in alignment with their core values. We also combine our Personal Leadership Coaching and Consulting with the latest scientific: physiology, psychology and neuroscience research, and proven performance strategies. This will enable them to manifest their potential by developing their capacity to envision and create emergent futures.

Dr. Elizabeth van Geerestein, Founder, Papillon & Partners

Leadership is Influence

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Upcoming Events

Personal Leadership Accelerator
7-Week Virtual Personal Leadership Program
Starting: 26th October 2020