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Papillon & Partners leads a global alliance of over 50 local language coaches across the globe. We are a Leadership Coaching and Consulting Company specialized in transforming individuals, teams, and organizations. Future-proof your business together with our certified coaches as you communicate in your local language through better leadership, teamwork and personal development in a 21st-century global context.


At Papillon & Partners, our focus is to help you develop clarity of vision and purpose, and implement better strategies, actions and behaviors that drive sustainable results. We also aim to bring a more healthy, high-performing teams, and great morale within organizations. We deliver Coaching programs, Leadership Development programs, Cultural Diversity programs, and Organizational Values programs.

We provide our clients with the customized solutions they need to realize their potential, and maximize their performance in alignment with their core values. We also combine our Personal Leadership Coaching and Consulting with the latest scientific: physiology, psychology and neuroscience research, and proven performance strategies. This will enable them to manifest their potential by developing their capacity to envision and create emergent futures.

– Dr. Elizabeth van Geerestein, Founder, Papillon & Partners

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Global Presence

Papillon & Partners leads a global alliance of over 50 certified Master Coaches (ICF certified) and leadership consultants, located all over the world, who are highly skilled, experienced practitioners with international and line management experience.


Our Executive Coaching services and Leadership Development programs address specific challenges and develop leadership capabilities that positively impact corporate leadership… Read More


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Papillon & Partners is part of an international alliance of certified Master Coaches (ICF certified) and leadership consultants, who are highly skilled, experienced practitioners with… Read More

Success Stories

Papillon & Partners were engaged to provide individual senior leadership coaching, team effectiveness coaching for the senior management team and leadership pipeline training to the broader organization. They invested a significant amount of time up front to really understand the external and internal business context as well as the individual personalities and personal circumstances within the teams in scope to before embarking on the coaching program.

The engagement was initiated to support the efforts of the management team to turn around the performance of the business. The process enabled the team to design and manage the significant strategic and cultural changes that were required and navigate the change process along the way.

It also set the foundation for a more solid leadership pipeline, one in which leadership expectations are clearly articulated and where strong shared leadership is widely recognized and celebrated.

The turnaround has been a clear success and this process has been a key contributor.

Ted Akiskalos, Managing Director, Carlsberg Sweden

Since 2014, Papillon & Partners has helped us in developing very successfully our Leadership Pipeline across the total Jack Links EMEA organization from scratch. Starting with the senior European Leadership Team with both individual as well as team coaching on a regular and frequent basis.

Followed by a similar approach at middle management (Leader of Leaders and Leader of Others) level resulting in accelerated leadership development at multiple levels in the organization.

Coaching on Stakeholder Management by the ELT as well as using specialized and certified coaches tackling specific development needs were very instrumental and excellent tools in the extensive coaching toolbox of Papillon & Partners.

This ongoing multi-year partnership with Papillon & Partners has accelerated our business performance definitely to realize our mission to become the leader in branded protein snacks in Europe.

Jan Pieter Schretlen, Managing Director, Jack Links EMEA

Papillon & Partners provides a Leadership Pipeline Development program for our biggest production site in Finland. This unit plays the most important role in our global production process and there was a strong need to improve leadership for all levels of the organization. With Papillon & Partners we found a partner who makes a difference now. This is thanks to the quality and skill of their coaches and their ability to truly create sustainable transformation at the level of beliefs, values and leadership identity.

Papillon & Partners provides excellent global as well as local trainers to run their programs. This allows us to underline our strong ambition to think and act internationally as well as to run trainings with local flavor and language when needed. Due to the great success of the program, we are planning the implementation in other countries.

Papillon & Partners also provides certified master coaches across the world; from the Netherlands, to UK to China for all levels of our organization including the C-suite.

I really appreciate the effective and value adding collaboration with Papillon & Partners very much.

Elke Humpert, VP Management Development and Leaming

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