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“Dr. Van Geerestein is an Adjunct Professor at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) Erasmus University The Netherlands – a role she has held since November 2006. Elizabeth is involved with the personal leadership development course across our portfolio of international MBA programs. This crucial course is designed to “develop self-aware leaders able to effectively manage relationships and to positively impact global business & society.”
In addition to her broad involvement across all our MBA programs (international full-time, weekend executive and global executive), Elizabeth is directly responsible for the personal leadership development course of the OneMBA Global Executive MBA Program from both a design and delivery perspective. This particular program is tailored for our most senior executives and her involvement here stands as testimony of the value she contributes to the School. … Her programs are highly valued and the participant evaluations are consistently of the highest level.

Professor Dr. Michael J. Page
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean of Business and the McCallum Graduate School,
Bentley University, Massachusetts, USA
(Former) Dean of Post-experience Programs
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands

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In the role of Conference Host and Facilitator, Elizabeth [van Geerestein] provided excellent support and facilitation during two of our conferences held recently in Budapest, Hungary and Cairo, Egypt, respectively. The support, challenge and focus she provided in preparation for the conferences upfront paid dividends. It really was all about preparation, preparation, and preparation! Although I initially found it quite time consuming to do so much preparation in advance it really did pay off huge dividends in the end. Both conferences were extremely successful and Elizabeth successfully facilitated two very culturally diverse groups of AstraZeneca participants: Central & Eastern European Managers in Hungary; and Middle Eastern and African Managers in Egypt, whereby she was able to change her facilitation style to accommodate the cultural differences of both groups. As a Leadership Coach and in the area of leadership development, I owe Elizabeth a huge amount of thanks and gratitude for the help she has given to me over the last 10 months as part of my leadership and personal development. She has helped me enormously on a professional and personal level, in particular, with my focus, effectiveness and increasing levels of performance of my regional teams in Central Eastern Europe and in the Middle East and Africa regions, respectively.”

Global Leader, AstraZeneca (United Kingdom)

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“Elizabeth’s coaching style is direct and very inquisitive pushing you to go deep in yourself and try to figure out what you want to be in your life. With Elizabeth’s coaching I was able to establish the vision and mission of my life and understand what my core values were, since then decisions are easy to make as I know what I want to be in my life. Elizabeth coaches me that understanding your core values is essential for a well balanced and well centered self. Since your coaching sessions my life has changed 360 degrees. Most of my colleagues seek me for advice and coaching in areas that I would not expect, as you know I have moved to _____ where I was promoted. I have lost the global responsibility and managing a budget, but I have gained in terms of learning a new business and new area allowing me to grow and develop myself. Well and it seems that this paid off. The President of ___ just offered me the opportunity to move to South Africa to be part of the team that will start-up our operations in the country and in the continent …. I will be moving to Johannesburg at the end of the year. I would like to thank you for your insights and coaching, in making me see things from another perspective and showing me that networking intelligently is sometimes more important than IQ.”

Global Leader Europe, Middle East, Africa, Nalco Company (The Netherlands)

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“First of all, I would like to thank you for being an inspiration …, for our conversations that are always interesting and challenge me often to reflect and re-think many things, and for our coaching session. This has been a year of growth for me and you have been a big part of it providing many positive contributions. That is a very precious gift that I value a lot.”
The … process has also helped me to re-think my approach to my career and has encouraged me to take more risks. I had applied for ___ position because I looked for the learning and development opportunities and personal challenges that would fit in my bigger plan. The job would also allow me to have more travel …. I realized that traveling is something that I need – exotic places and new cultures feed my soul. I had forgotten how much I needed that. Today, I heard that I got the job …. I am looking forward to this challenge. I do believe that our conversations and the coaching encouraged me to do this – I am finally coming out of my hiding space, my box and am ready to search for and develop a presence that would be aligned with my ideas. I just wanted to share this with you.”

Senior Leader (The Netherlands)

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“I just wanted to share with you my promotion in work. You might remember, that a half a year ago I was not very enthusiastic (on a scale from 1 to 10 I said I feel like 3) and I think I changed my attitude after this. I worked very seriously on my change ….. and shared all the thoughts about that with my boss. yesterday, after my return, he announced that I will lead the new European team …. So – it is all in all – what I wished so much: Europe (International), New Business and a new team. Now I got it all in once. I think that to start with you the coaching sessions and to take Personal Leadership Development very serious took me a huge step forward. Now I am very happy that I can apply everything what I learned….”

European Regional Leader, ICT Company (Germany)

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“Thanks for your coaching which actually helped me a lot to get what I really wanted to have. After a long journey, this week, I finalized my last interview with ___, and they are going to offer me exactly what I have asked for. I remember your words: “go for it and it will happen!” Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend!”

Senior Leader, ING Bank (The Netherlands)


*Due to confidential nature of coaching engagements, personal names have been removed from Coaching testimonials.