About Leadership Pipeline Institute

With Stephen Drotter, author of The Leadership Pipeline and The Performance Pipeline, as Chairman, Leadership Pipeline Institute is the official research institute and leading global provider of solutions based on the two pipeline books, which have sold more than 250,000 copies around the world.

The Leadership Pipeline Institute is:

  • The leading global provider of Leadership Pipeline solutions to private and public organizations
  • The leading organization for research within the Leadership Pipeline arena
  • The global “magnet” for everyone with an interest in the Leadership Pipeline concept and how it is applied

bookToday, the Leadership Pipeline is perceived as one of the most influential leadership models through the last two decades. A significant number of the FORTUNE 500 companies have successfully implemented the Leadership Pipeline as their main leadership infrastructure for selecting and growing leaders at all levels and it has seamlessly been applied to corporate, non-profit and public organizations around the world.

Leadership Pipeline Institute is specialized in supporting organizations building an internal pipeline of qualified leaders and in creating empowered, performance- and execution-focused organizations. We support you in succeeding in the ways that are most important to you.

How we add value:

  • We support you in increasing your execution power by building a leadership-powered company based on accountability
  • We support you in turning your organization into a talent factory with constant availability of ready-now talent
  • We support you in creating a competitive people strategy that can evolve into a commercial competitive advantage

Working with Leadership Pipeline Institute, you will receive acknowledged hands-on solutions that can be easily customized to your organization and are based on the latest applied global research and experience from some of the world’s most successful companies.  Read More >>

The Leadership Pipeline an introduction