Onno Jongmans


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Project Description


Leadership Transformation, Cultural Effectiveness, Team Workshops

Onno Jongmans has more than 20 years of local and international leadership experience in media and consultancy sectors. Building, transforming and leading teams in both the Benelux and the Europe, the Middle East and Africa region in complex, multi-discipline, multi-cultural environments at the crossroads of local, regional and international leadership teams.

Onno has a unique perspective at the forces at play at various levels, at various locations in organizations. Onno leverages this perspective both as a designer and facilitator of various workshops, as well as an Executive Leadership Development Coach. Amongst others, Onno focusses on three areas:

Leadership Transition & Transformation

As a certified consultant to the Leadership Pipeline Institute which Papillon & Partners exclusively represents in the Netherlands, Onno facilitates various programs aimed at helping leaders transitioning from one Leadership role to the next. During these workshops Onno constantly mergers the LPI program, the dynamics of the organization and his own experience into powerful, energetic & practical workshops. Read more about LPI

Cross Cultural & Communication Workshops

Having built, transformed and lead various cross-cultural teams in matrix organizations such as Disney and Paramount, Onno knows like no other the complexities of effectively communicating amongst people from different cultural backgrounds, at different locations, with different objectives. Onno designs and facilitates a variety of workshops helping participants understand their impact on others and how to optimize that in different settings.

Executive Leadership Development Coaching

Onno blends his passion to develop others with his curiosity to learn what drives others. As a coach, Onno explores what drives the people he works with, what it is they aim to develop and what options are available to achieve these objectives. Onno draws on his extensive experience, education and assessments to help clients be more aware of themselves and explore ways to grow their impact on others.

Helping shaping future leaders

As a guest lecturer at RSM / the Erasmus University (MBA programs) and at the The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Bachelor’s Programs), Onno unlocks the potential of future leaders in the fields of Marketing & Strategy. It enables Onno to stay current on what drives industries and companies, and leverage this knowledge during workshops and coaching sessions.

Onno does not just focus on the what drives the persons he is working with as a trainer or coach, but also the context which they operate in.