Dorothy Grandia


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Project Description


Executive Presence, Persuasive Communication and Leadership Development

Dorothy Grandia combines her unique experience in the political arena, on the operatic stage, and in leadership and communication programmes to help leaders evolve their communication range and increase their leadership influence.

Persuasion: As Committee Clerk and Legislative Aide to the Chairman of the Committee on international Relations of the State of Texas House, Dorothy learned the foundations of persuasive appeal to aide decision-making in complex environments. This experience enables Dorothy to coach clients on how to construct messages, which engage and convince.

Performance: Dorothy has a Master in Vocal Performance and as an operatic dramatic soprano, she performed in lead roles in the Netherlands, France, and the US. Drawing on the technical understanding of character embodiment and enunciation in large-scale theatre Dorothy is particularly skilled at coaching non-native English-speaking clients to articulate and deliver persuasive messages in international settings.

Presentation: Dorothy coaches leaders to deliver powerful keynote speeches at conferences and TedX events. In her own TedX talk “Authenticity is a Dangerous Word’’, Dorothy explores how feeling the need to be ‘authentic’ can be a disadvantage for women in leadership.

Leadership and Communication: Dorothy helps executives increase their influence through her highly interactive Communication and Negotiation Programs.

Authenticity Is A Dangerous Word