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Leadership Development Programs

Our programs aim to provide leaders with the skills and competencies that they need to better respond to the shifting sands that beset the corporate world and the public sector today. Traditional authoritarian leadership is mostly obsolete and new skills are essential to re-inspire employees who have rising expectations of inter-dependency and connectedness, and to guide organizations that must make multiple internal changes to meet external global challenges.

Vision and values, authenticity, agility and the ability to provide meaning and purpose are core requirements for today’s leaders, as are emotional intelligence and the capacity to support and motivate others. Above all, 21st-century leaders must lead by example, and that demands a whole-hearted commitment to their own on-going personal development.

Organizations that develop high standards of leadership gain success in areas such as creativity, productivity, performance, financial management, social responsibility and environmental sustainability leading to increased customer retention, revenue growth and substantial cost savings.


We work in partnership with organizations until their leadership objectives are achieved and the changes become self-sustaining. We provide continuous support and on-going development of top leadership calibre.

Custom-made programs and psychological assessments determine the performance drivers and development areas of participants and define the contextual challenges that they and their organizations face. We use non-prescriptive methods to enable each participant to discover and develop their own unique leadership capabilities and empower peak performance potential in others.

Key Benefits for the Organization:

Key Benefits for the Participant:

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